Thursday, September 19, 2013

Annie's Paintings

Annie loves preschool!  She especially loves the painting center.  (I think she paints about 5 pictures a day.)  Chad keeps bringing in piles of pictures that she has painted in from his car.  

Yesterday, I decided that we needed to sort through them and pick out the most special ones and hang them up on her wall.  I forgot that I was talking to a 4 year old...THEY ARE ALL SPECIAL!  Ha!  I gave her some tape and she created a mural on her wall with them.  It actually turned out surprisingly cute.  She was very proud of herself!

Sophie and the Front Porch Step

Sophie is really becoming her own little person these days. She talks a ton for a child her age and wants to be a "BIG" kid in the worst way.  She is also coming up with ideas of her own and establishing routines.  

We've been walking to pick Emily up from school every day.  Her favorite thing to do is to sit on the step in front of the front door.  She always tells me, "Mommy, come sit with me."  So, every day we sit on the front porch steps and it makes her day.  So sweet!

Emily's Grandparents Day Program

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at Emily's school.  She was so happy that Grandpa Jensen was able to come and celebrate this special day with her.  She was beaming when she saw him sitting in the audience and ran right up to him at the end and gave him a big hug!

The first grade had a program for all the grandparents and parents in the auditorium.  They sang some cute songs and then the kids took the grandparents back to their classrooms, presented them with a book they made for them and ate cookies.

Emily loves all of her grandparents and wished that they all could have been I video taped the performance so you could see her in all her "cuteness".  

Thanks for coming Grandpa Jensen.  She was so excited to spend some time with you!  

Monday, September 09, 2013

Annie's First Day of Preschool at BYU

Today was Annie's first day of preschool at BYU.  She was so excited to start school!  (Emily went there for preschool and she has been waiting for her turn ever since.) 

We went to the Open House that the school had last week and she got to meet her teacher, Mr. Brad, and see her classroom.  She said that her favorite thing about her new preschool is the fun playground.  (She got to try it out while we were there at the Open House.)

We started out the morning with a yummy french toast breakfast.  Annie always asks for a "snack" about a half hour after breakfast.  I reminded her that she needed to start off with a good breakfast if she was going to make it through the morning. :)

Annie chose this for her first day of school teacher gift.

Chad took both of the girls with him, dropping Emily off at school on his way out.  Sophie was NOT happy about being left at home!  She was in tears for a while after everyone left.  So sad!  

Annie is SO ready  to start preschool!  I know that she will love it!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Emily's First Day of First Grade

Today was Emily's first day of first grade.  She loves school and was so excited for school to start.  We went to the back to school night last night and she was able to meet her teacher and see her classroom.  This just made her even more excited for today.  

 We started off the morning with a yummy breakfast... Emily's favorite "Roll-Up" Pancakes.  With her going to school all day, I wanted to make sure that she had a good breakfast to start her day off right.

 Emily picked out her outfit and decided on how she wanted to do her hair.  (While we were in CA this summer, her Aunt Kearis got her hooked on a kid's hairstyle blog and she has been obsessed ever since.  I got off lucky today!)

A gift for her teacher.

Emily has become so "grown up" and independent.  She just walked right in and left her dad, sisters and me in the hall without even saying goodbye.  :) I know that she had a great first day!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sophie's First Steps

Sophie has been cruising and trying to stand up and balance.  Tonight after dinner, Chad was helping her practice standing.  I happened to get down across from her and put my hands out towards her and she took her first little baby steps, two to be exact.  Emily, Annie, Chad and I were all clapping for her.  She looked at all of us and had a huge grin and started clapping too.  It was very cute!  She's growing up way to fast.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy First Birthday Sophie!

A year ago today, Sophie was born.  She is a blessing to our family and we love her so much!  Here are some things she is doing at age one:

* waving hello and good-bye
* smiling and showing off her 4 front teeth (with one on the way)
*pulling up on everything
*trying to pull her self up and over and into the tub
*cruising around the house with her walker/baby stroller
*increasingly talking with many more sounds (sounds like she's trying to have a conversation)
*always saying, "dat, dat, dat" and "da da" and "ma ma"
*reaching her hands out towards you

* She's in investigation mode:
            *opening up cabinet doors and drawers
            *trying to crawl up the stairs
            *turning the bathtub water on and off
            *playing with the air coming out of the air vents on the floor
            *putting EVERYTHING in her mouth for a taste

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve 2011

Sophie's First Cereal

Bowling with Papa


Picking Oranges




Todd Family Pictures

Nativity and Gingerbread Houses

 Acting out the Nativity

 We know that angels don't really have wings, but doesn't she look cute!

 Decorating Gingerbread (Graham Cracker) Houses